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So I'm back?

2012-03-18 02:26:37 by Omegaro

After completely forgetting I own a newgrounds account (let alone, not actually going to newgrounds in years) I finally set up my little brother an musican account here to post his his music he makes. (He's Seyoopih here.)

Now onto me, I doubt anyone actually watches this account anymore due to the massive inactivity here, but I'll be posting the near 4 years of art since I last posted here.

That's about all for now.

All's well again.

2009-09-25 02:38:54 by Omegaro

So yeah, after leaving newgrounds for a bit due to the fact that I couldn't post anything since I had become unscouted, I decided to return to see that I had indeed been scouted again. ^^ So thanks for that.

In other news, I still have my art from May 09- Sept 09 to upload here. I'm finally catching up on posting more recent art. So yeah. You guys get to see how I've improved in two years in fast forward (whereas my deviantART account wasn't so fortunate. XD) So I'll be posting more art later.

Well thats' about it. Not much else to say except that... GO BUY MARIO & LUIGI 3! It's hilarious and a great game ^^

Okay, now that's it. XD


Just became Unscouted?

2009-09-08 20:03:00 by Omegaro

Well after finishing some art and posting it on my deviantART account, I decided to update my Newgrounds gallery as well, Only to find out that I've been unscouted and can no longer post art. I have no idea why this has happened, but I'd love to find someone else who would scout me please. I'm not sure why I was unscouted in the first place, but I can't post my newer works until I am again. (I just hope this doesn't reset my scores on my previously submitted works. ) Anyways, that's all I wanted to say. I can't submit anything else until I find a new scouter. So if ya like my art, I'd really appreciate it. ^^


Check out my deviantART account at

Just became Unscouted?

Art Portal?!?

2009-06-19 02:49:28 by Omegaro

I cant believe that Newgrounds finally has an art portal now. Before I always thought to myself that NGs had everything, but a place to submit art, and now that trifle worry is gone. Y'all have no idea how excited this makes me. Especially since I began workin' on a comic that I just started putting up on my deviantART account as well. Good times are here at last, and my uncanny southern draw is going to shut up now, and post more art.

First Flash Project Underway

2009-02-17 15:07:15 by Omegaro

After establishing a somewhat stable deviantART account, I decided to take the next step.... Flash animation. So I began messing with flash thinking to myself, "This should be easy, I mean I know Photoshop, and Dreamweaver, and Maya, how hard could Flash be? " Well, yeah. You guys basically can figure out how lost I was. I began reading tutorials, techniques, how to animate, how to program, blah, blah, blah. Then after much tiring reading and learning, I gave flash a whirl. And so my first real flash ever was a 39 second animation. ^^; Okay I know it's short, but this was a great learning process for me. Now I can finish it and put my new found knowledge to use! ^^

If ya want to see my other art, go to my deviant art page. (I'm omegaro there too!)